Anaïs Jeanneret

Anaïs Jeanneret was born in Paris. After a career in acting, she wrote her first novel published by Stock in 1990. Since then, she has published several novels including The Solitude of Summer Evenings which received the François Mauriac prize from the French Academy. Our Undetected Lives, her last work, was released by Albin Michel in 2016.


The novel

Hungarian Impressions

Anaïs Jeanneret Sofitel Budapest Chain Bridge

Impeded by misshapen bags that bump and catch on the arm rests, two passengers are going up the airplane aisle with difficulty. The man behind me grows impatient and thumps my shoulder hoping, undoubtedly, that I free the passage towards the exit quickly. I could care less about the slow pace of the disembarking, but I am furious. Furious with myself. Furious for having accepted this escapade at the very moment my editor was pressuring me to turn in my new novel. What’s more, I am furious for not managing to move forward in my work, as if paralyzed for weeks by the fear of not living up to the reception my last book got.   I had received the invitation in midsummer. It involved spending three days in Budapest then writing a few lines for a tourist guide. I didn’t know the city, I was still in the euphoria of success. I had shown Croatia to Sonia. She laughed…

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