Benoîte Groult

Benoîte Groult is a journalist, novelist and essayist. She had made contributions to several publications such as Elle and Marie-Claire before entering the literary scene in 1958 with her sister Flora Groult with Journal à quatre mains.
She is the author of nearly 10 works. Committed to social action, she created the feminist publication F Magazine in 1978.

She has been a panellist of the Prix Fémina literary award since 1982 and chaired the Commission for feminisation of the names of functions, titles and jobs. After her latest novel La Touche Etoile published in 2006, Benoîte Groult published Mon évasion: autobiographie in 2008. It recounts the details of her life,
life, her decisions, her struggles and her dedication to women.

The novel

The Day I Got Old

Benoîte Groult Sofitel Munich Bayerpost

I have had a long, strange relationship with Germany. When my sister Flora and I were children, my father, André Groult, whom we called Pater because he was a Latin scholar, would traipse around our apartment on Sunday mornings in his white terry-cloth bathrobe, which he referred to nobly as a toga, reciting Latin verses or French poems or singing German lieder. «Wer reitet so spät durch Nacht und Wind? Es ist der Vater mit seinem Kind.» (« Who rides so late through the night and wind? It’s the father with his child.») Helped by poetry and filial love, I was deeply moved by these harsh sounds. The musicality of Italian, a language similar to the Latin that I would later teach at the Cours Bossuet in the ’40s, seemed by comparison too pretty and somewhat flashy. The year when I obtained my baccalauréat, therefore, I decided to teach myself German. For the 1939 summer vacation, I bought an Assimil…

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