Carole Martinez

She grew up in her grandmother Nini’s caretaker’s lodge in Paris. For all her tiny, wizened appearance, Nini was a great storyteller. Against the melodic clamour of this close-knit clan from Oran, Algeria, Carole began to write. She worked as a waitress, usherette, clothes seller, doughnut seller, tour guide, beach photographer, actress, producer, assistant director, freelancer and semiologist, exploring many different worlds in line with the seasons while she pursued her literature studies and wrote for pleasure.

A search for meaning led her to become a literature teacher, and she continued writing. In 2007, she published her first novel Le Cœur cousu (The Threads of the Heart) under Gallimard, which won accolades including the West France Amazing Travellers prize, the Renaudot students’ prize and the Emmanuel Roblès prize. This was followed by Du domaine des Murmures (From the Domain of the Murmurs), winner of the 2011 Goncourt students’ prize.


The novel

Daydreaming in Sopot

Carole Martinez Sofitel Grand Sopot

The Author It’s the offseason, and from the balcony of his hotel room overlooking the Baltic Sea the author contemplates the vast strip of white sand that curves along the edge of Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia, between the sea and the forest in the famous Danzig Corridor, and from his perch, notebook in hand, he hears and then transcribes the speech and thoughts of people on the beach, people who thus become the characters in his short story inspired by the scene.   A man wanders along the shore; a child dashes toward the water; a young woman, huddling in a red coat, is sitting in the sand; a teenager with a shaved head hovers around a bike locked to the fence that encloses the garden of the hotel where the novelist is staying while he writes his text and, directly under his window, an elegant man in his 30s comes out to smoke a cigarette on the terrace. Like…

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