Catherine Enjolet

Catherine Enjolet, novelist, essayist and university professor, combines literature and social action. Silence is a continuous theme. She writes to defy the unspeakable and the devastation it engenders: “Silence kills us” she says.
Writing and action converge in her humanitarian work and her skillful intervention efforts throughout the world. In both her social action and her writing, she applies her concept of the bonds of meaning.
Her first novel met with critical success. Her writing is sober, her narrative intense.“Catherine Enjolet continues to confirm her talent as a writer. She seduces with her style and moves us with her depth. ” (Le Monde)

The novel

Changer de regard CATHERINE ENJOLET

Catherine Enjolet Sofitel Luxembourg Le Grand Ducal

Had she made the wrong choice in life? “A good little soldier”. That is what they always said about Ariane. The type who gets through the forest singing like Victor Hugo’s Cosette. And what if she turned back? Yes, Cosette could have said “I am afraid, I do not want to go there, nor carry other people’s burdens! Nor go through the darkness…” and. What was the most difficult? Impossible? To say no? To whom? To what?…In the meantime, self-encouragement had to be summoned, like the little one with her frail voice…Na na nana nah…to go still faster through the nights…Nana nah nana nah… Waterfalls cascaded down the crooks of the ramparts. Ariane’s thoughts scattered and ricocheted here and there on the stones of the basins. The sun splashed and the park was made surreal in the play of light. The sparrows chirped now and then in the leaves. To the academic cursus question “Language option”, Ariane had asked for…

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A terrace on the sky

Catherine Enjolet Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese

1 We never know what surprises the past has in store. We meet our destiny along the roads we take to avoid it. Clamors arise in the night. My thoughts scatter. Bells resound, tolling the 12 strokes of midnight. The sky sparkles. Fireworks over the city. The horizon is ablaze. Rome seen from above. January 1 on the terrace of my hotel room. Handfuls of multicolored confetti swirl to the ground. Rome. Why choose to spend the New Year here, alone? Fires crackle. The hilltops glow. Laughter, voices animate the night in bursts. From the Villa Medicis park, scents of the earth rise. Rome as a way to forget Paris? To take stock? To mark a change for my 40th birthday? My gaze seeks to seize, to hold on to everything. Instant unlike any other. My heart soars above the rooftops. Flashes of light illuminate the high facades, casting strange glimmers. Theatrical. A celestial production… I hardly feel the night’s…

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