Claude Sérillon

Claude Sérillon is a French writer and journalist. He began his career in 1970 at the regional daily Presse Océan. In 1973 he joined the national broadcasting company and made his first television appearance in 1975, presenting the early evening news on Antenne 2.
He took charge of the press review, then become chief editor of the «society» section, and presenter of the evening news. In 1984, he joined TF1 to present its evening news programme, then returned to Antenne 2, where he presented the main evening news until 1987, and then from 1998 to 2001.
A man who loves debate, he is well known for his interviews of politicians as well as his productions of geopolitical programmes such as Géopolis. In 1987,
1987, he launched his career as a writer with De quoi je me mêle. His other works include Tu dors ? Non je rêve. In 2009 he published Les Mots de l’Actu, an interpretive guide to the news and current affairs.

The novel


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I’d prefer “we.” But he doesn’t say it. Ever. It’s unthinkable for him to say we. I’ve known that for 20 years. I’ve known it since I was 20. He’s a dry, stiff man. He’s a sailor. He can go entire days without uttering so much as a word. And that’s how I fell in love. The boys my age talked all the time. They spent hours on the phone. They rattled on for hours. I stayed silent. They called me the mute. But I still came and hung out with them. They said books made me dumb. Sometimes I brought along a novel and sat reading in a corner. In a corner of the bar. Almost every night except Mondays, because that’s when the brasserie was closed. And also because on Mondays I baby-sat my brothers, the little twins. They were 2 years old. My stepfather sold produce at farmer’s markets. He talked all the time and said things…

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