Author and publisher (Editions Phébus) Daniel Arsand, previously bookseller and literary critic, clearly thrives in the literary world.
In 1998, Arsand was awarded the French Fémina Prize for the best first novel for La Province des Ténèbres (published in English as The Land of Darkness). His widely acclaimed talent was confirmed two years later, when he received the Jean Giono Prize for En Silence(Silently), a fantastic tale of a terrible curse.
Arsand subsequently delved into the past in a poignant autobiography, Ivresses des Fils (The drunkenness of sons), published in 2004. His latest novel, Des Amants (Lovers) was published in 2008 and explores passion and homosexuality.

The novel

A Strasbourg Rendez-vous

DANIEL ARSAND Sofitel Strasbourg Grande Ile

Tobias Véramian had traveled by train. A couple of hours spent reading —the words instilling a lilting happiness, in a foreign tongue that he understands all the same; what adjective denotes every language other than one’s own? — his gaze gliding across landscapes unfolding beyond the window, beyond him — cropped, grassy plains, yellow and graying; it was autumn, with winter already evident in the swell of bare forests. He had awakened early that morning, which was unusual, for it has always pained him to part with his dreams, and now he was a bit tired. Last night he had fallen asleep after midnight. He had been devouring a story told by another, drifting contentedly, paragraph to paragraph. The train stops in Strasbourg. It’s the terminus for him. The moment he steps onto the platform he is on edge. He is no longer young, although he is not yet old, either; he is between two streams, in a sense, at…

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