David Foenkinos

David Foenkinos is the author of 13 novels including Le Potentiel érotique de ma femme (The Erotic Potential of My Wife), Les Souvenirs(Memories) and Je vais mieux (I’m doing better). His novels have been translated into over 30 languages. La Délicatesse (Delicacy), published in 2009, won no less than 10 literary prizes. In 2011, Foenkinos and his brother Stéphane made a big-screen adaptation of the novel starring Audrey Tautou and François Damiens.

The novel

Pilgrimage to the Source

David Foenkinos Sofitel Berlin Gendarmenmarkt

Berlin is an antidote to routine. Divided, demolished, walled in, protected by angels and lindens, Berlin contains all cities. I’d like to marry a woman who is Berlin. Is that why I come here every year with the woman I would so like to marry? But that woman remains eternally wedded to her husband (which seems perfectly logical). Eight years ago, Alice married her dentist, a total aberration in terms of intimacy. She told me that he had made irresistible declarations about the sublime beauty of her molars (to each his arms of seduction). It’s like pulling teeth, the saying goes. Well, he pulled Alice away from me. I knew her already at the time, and it was clear that we were a couple with a future. But she saw things differently. She was having work done on her teeth, and she probably thought it would all be very practical. A pragmatic atrocity. Before getting married, she wrote me a…

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What is expected of beauty

David Foenkinos Sofitel Frankfurt Opera

Eva was born on a night so bright that one could have thought it to be midday. This radiance was due to the inordinate amount of stars, as if they had gathered that evening to protest against the cosmos. Eva’s parents could never forget that unprecedented luminosity. They had just given birth to a little girl and the entire world seemed to to be in tune with their harmonious happiness. In away, the night had spawned a star. But the beauty of that magical event had a consequence: Eve developed a particular relationship with night. She wanted to live nocturnally, persuaded that life was more intense when the other humans were sleeping. Hardly two years old; she already had the rhythm of a feverish party animal. She fought for hours, often sinking into sleep in the early morning. Whoever came to the family abode witnessed fits of tears as soon as the day began fading. The little girl was taken…

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