Eduardo Manet

Born in Cuba in the 1930s, Eduardo Manet took French nationality in 1979. Passionate about writing from the age of 15, he later developed a strong interest in theatre, cinema and politics.

For a long while he was part of the Cuban Revolutionary movement, which took him into a number of unlikely places, from the Havana High School to New York, from militant theatre to the suites of the Ritz. 1968 marked the discovery of France (its language, theatre and music) which became his home as well as his land of exile and freedom.
Eduardo Manet is now President of the Permanent Council of Writers.

The novel

The Sea's Bride

Eduardo Manet Sofitel Agadir Royal Bay Resort

Why Agadir? I’m a doctor. Rather, I’m a researcher, a specialist obsessed with blood diseases. All blood diseases. I had succeeded in bringing to the institute that I created 20 years ago the person who would become my principal collaborator, a “rising star” who had been working in Zurich at the time. We had given him carte blanche, because it was not so much the money that interested him but the possibility to work freely, without having to submit to orders defined by the Institute. During the 20 years of our collaboration, neither he nor I have ever regretted it. Over time, he has become a friend, someone in whom I have total confidence. I admire him and, I must admit, I am also a bit jealous, because he continues to work with the same dedication and energy as he always has. Myself, have I become more doctor than researcher? I now take greater satisfaction in receiving patients and studying…

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