Franck Maubert

The author Franck Maubert, born in 1955, divides his time between Paris and the Touraine region. An art critic for the newsweekly L’Express in the 1980s, he also helped Thierry Ardisson launch the television programs Bains de minuit and Paris dernière. Ssince his first book, Est-ce bien la nuit?, he has been exploring intimacy (Près d’ellesLe Père de mon père) and individual destinies, including those of Serge Gainsbourg, Toulouse-Lautrec, Aimé et Marguerite Maeght (Maeght, une aventure de l’art vivant), Francis Bacon (L’odeur du sang humain ne me quitte pas des yeux). Le Dernier Modèle, his fictionalized story about Giacometti’s last love, won the 2012 French Renaudot prize for an essay. His most recent novel, Ville close, is about the walled town of Richelieu.

The novel

A Basque November

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At the first hint of daylight, the beam of the lighthouse went out. She appreciated the off-season, the beaches left empty by those fearing the salty chill of a capricious, rain-lashed autumn like the one she had experienced last year with Tosh. Yet a warm November wind was now coming in from the open sea, offering Biarritz the promise of late summer. She had spent the last hours of night watching the sea, as nocturnal shadows danced on the surface in the dark. Now, the sun was gently rising in the east. Her puffy eyes betrayed her fatigue but her understated beauty remained in tact. If someone were to have seen Valentine today for the first time, they would simply have thought she was a bit pale. But this was her natural complexion, accentuated by an abundance of red hair. Upon closer examination, one might have observed what could perhaps be considered a slight defect in her eyes: a bleached,…

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