Novelist, historian, and journalist Gonzague Saint Bris is the author of nearly forty books. His novel Les Vieillards de Brighton (The Old Men of Brighton) received France’s 2002 Interallié Prize (attributed to a novel written by a journalist), and he won the 2006 Prix des Romancières (attributed by a jury of women writers and artists) for L’Enfant de Vinci (The de Vinci Child).
Saint Bris has worked in media ranging from radio to television to the press. He was a pioneer of free radio, has created cultural videos, and has held leadership positions in newspaper and book publishing. He is the founder and president of the Cabourg Romantic Film Festival as well as La Forêt des Livres (The Book Forest), a book signing festival held in the middle of a wood.

The novel

Whatever Happened to the Clock of Desire ?

GONZAGUE SAINT BRIS Sofitel Fès Palais Jamai

Once upon a time, in the history of kings, there was a mad desire that wanted to cross the Mediterranean. The most astonishing proposal ever made: when Moulay Ismail, sultan of Morocco, from his court in Meknes, asked the Sun King in Versailles for the permission to marry the Princess of Conti! In 1672, just as Louis XIV was starting his Dutch War, a young Alaouite prince sat on the throne of Morocco and sumptuously reigned over his court in Meknes. Both men would end up becoming legendary princes, absolute monarchs chasing after the rays of the sun. Both would reign for a long time – fifty-five years, to be exact. Moulay Ismail always inspired passion to the chroniclers and fascination to the historians. He is one of those controversial characters that pique everyone’s curiosity, captivating some and raising hatred in others: “Some paint him black as ink; others white as snow.” The sheriff liked to compare himself to the…

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