Hervé Hamon

Hervé Hamon is a French writer, editor, filmmaker and scriptwriter who was born in 1946 in Brittany. After five years of teaching, he devoted himself to writing and publishing, as well as conducting sociological and historical investigations, before turning his hand to essays and literary narratives. Hamon published 23 works with Editions du Seuil, then several novels with Editions Panama. He is inspired by the sea, which plays a central role in his work. Hamon was awarded the Henri Queffélec maritime book prize and the “Sea” prize by the French-language writers’ association. He also contributes to various French newspapers, including Le Nouvel Observateur and Libération.

The novel

Fifth day

Hervé Hamon Sofitel Hambourg Alter Wall

Werner was almost perfect. Gray suit, gray tie, black shoes, but his turquoise eyes had maybe a bit too much sparkle, and his blond mustache was perhaps a bit too dashing. Even so, thought Katz, despite that, Werner was perfect, almost perfect, in his role as doorman. He wore the standard uniform with the mix of submission and offhandedness that marks a true professional – it was clear that there was an individual beyond the role, but he was kept at a distance, at the right distance. And Katz knew better than anyone that this took time to learn. He even said at times that it could not be learned, that it was innate. It had only been three weeks since he had taken over the hotel, the group having decided to turn over this huge operation to a young director, or at least one who was relatively young. He spent an hour every day observing the personnel. He didn’t…

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