Jean-Marie Rouart

Jean-Marie Rouart’s first novel, La Fuite en Pologne (Running to Poland), was published in 1974. Subsequent novels include the award-winning Les Feux du Pouvoir (The Bright Lights of Power), winner of the 1977 Interallié prize, and Avant-guerre (Before the War), winner of 1983 Renaudot prize. Rouart has also written numerous essays, including a prize-winning biography of the Duke of Morny entitled Ils ont choisi la nuit (They chose the night), and a biography of Cardinal de Bernis. In 1997, Rouart was elected to the Académie Française (official authority on the French language), where he holds the Georges Duby chair.

The novel

The End of a blue dream

Jean-Marie Rouart Le Médina Essaouira Hotel Thalassa Sea & Spa

Sometimes the mind gets into such a fever of excitement as to drive you to all kinds of insanities. Getting married, for example. If such a thing as soul chemists existed, they could reveal to us the formula of this sudden ebullience, which particles enter into its composition, which atomic theory it obeys. Whatever the case may be, Eve was caught up in the throes of that feeling which is commonly called, for lack of a better word, love, and which suddenly makes you feel like you have reached the apex of yourself. Hence the temptation to jump into the void. Eve had already had a life. That is, she had idolized her father, a quirky orchestra conductor who sometimes treated her with the most passionate affection, and, at other times, had nothing to offer her but a cold indifference that was all the more enigmatic as it was utterly unmotivated. She had gotten used to it, or so she…

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