Born in Trinidad, Neil Bissoondath moved to Canada at age 18. In 1994, his essay on multiculturalism, Selling Illusions: The Cult of Multiculturalism in Canada marked his (controversial) entrance on the literary scene.
An English language writer, Bissoondath has been consistently praised for his novels. They include The Worlds within Her, Doing the Heart Good, and The Unyielding Clamor of the Night. He was awarded Quebec’s Hugh MacLennan Prize in both 2002 and 2005.
Bissoondath currently teaches creative writing at Laval University (Quebec), and his latest novel, Postcards from Hell was published in September.

The novel

Good morning, monsieur Roussin

NEIL BISSOONDATH Sofitel Scribe Paris Opéra

So, ma belle, is your little machine switched on? Ah yes, I see the blinking red light. You ready? Well then, you want to know why I decided all those years ago – Oh my, I’d rather not work out how many! – so let’s just say a very long time ago, why I decided to leave the City of Lights and come live in this town where we freeze our buns off six months of the year. But where does this curiosity come from? Why ask me these questions? To keep me occupied? To make me forget, if only for a little while, these legs that are now too worn out to obey my will? But the reality is there, ma p’tite, in front of your eyes and beneath my backside, this wheelchair that makes my life so difficult in winter that I sometimes dream, for the first time since I arrived in this country of heavy snows, of…

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