Born in Martinique, the French writer Patrick Chamoiseau is one of the principal theoreticians of the «Creolity» movement. His work is an exploration of creole culture, and he has become a self-styled «word-scratcher» for Creole oral literature. Patrick Chamoiseau’s works include novels, short stories and essays. He has also contributed to a number of scenarios and plays.
He received the Prix Goncourt literary prize in 1992 for his novel Texaco, a magnificent work on the suffering and hopes of the working class people of Fort de France. Published in 2009, Les Neuf consciences du Malfini, an animal fable, is Patrick Chamoiseau’s most recent novel.

The novel

The Antillaise's Last Smile

PATRICK CHAMOISEAU Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg

I here announce the death of Marie-Caroline Eugénie Artémise, also known as man Artémise, and no doubt also as “Mimise” by those with whom she might have been close. To the latter, I say: no need for sadness or regret, for as far as I can tell, although I wasn’t there by her side at the moment of her death, although I didn’t even know her and although I have little knowledge of the warm colors of her face apart from what I could discern from the photo that appeared in the local news section of the daily paper, it would seem that man Artémise died peacefully, in a state of something approaching happiness. The journalist who wrote the obituary — I never read such articles, but in this instance I was compelled to give it close attention — was something of an amateur Sherlock Holmes, skilled at uncovering deaths of no significance, passings in which the corpses ended up…

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