Philippe Jaenada

Philippe Jaenada is fifty years old, he lives in Paris with his wife and child. He has always written for living. First as a radio host at a hotline, then he wrote love novels for seniors and erotic stories for blind people, he also wrote gossip for Voici….

Since 1997 he has written 9 books, like “Chameau Sauvage”, or “Sulak” and his next novel “La petite femelle” Julliard Editions will come out in September 2015.

The novel

Out of time

Philippe Jaenada Sofitel Luxembourg Europe

I had only just turned 18 years old, but in two months I was going to be 50. This fact had left me feeling at once puzzled and disconcerted. Not to mention depressed. Because if I had indeed turned 18 only two or three blinks of an eye ago, I nonetheless had to admit the obvious (surrender to it, in a sense, with hands up and head down): I was no longer as handsome as a youth, that was clear, and I had my doubts as to whether I still had the strength of a man – I felt soft and pale inside, like mashed turnips, and I was already dipping into my energy reserves. I had married the woman I loved, I still loved her, and we had a 13-year-old son who was gently pulling away from us (with, it seemed to me, the requisite weapons, cards and shields to set off on his own path), while I was floating…

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