Pierre Vavasseur

A native of the Lyon area (Chalon-sur-Saône), 55-year-old Pierre Vavasseur is head reporter in the cultural division of the French newspaper Le Parisien/Aujourd’hui en France.
Vavasseur has written four novels, including Recommencer (Beginning again), published in January 2010, and Le Jour où j’ai quitté ma femme(The Day I Left My Wife), winner of the 2004 Prix du roman d’amour (love story award). Vavasseur is also the author of Le Guide des 100 romans incontournables (Guide to 100 essential novels), Le Guide des 100 premières phrases incontournables (Guide to 100 unforgettable first sentences) and 100 histoires drôles incontournables (100 unforgettable jokes) published in May 2010.

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COLLECTOR OF WORDS I am a collector of words. When I wander around, one could call me the “leaning man”. At home, I have a whole lot of lost papers that have been mistreated by the weather, and soiled by the feet of passerby. Of course, once I have gathered them – as if they had been saved from the river, brought back to life– I have to sort them out like the wheat from the chaff, and pick between the love declaration and the shopping list. The shopping list is always intact, written on a small piece of paper, without finishing. The love letter, as well as the break up letter, share the same singularity when they end up in the gutter : they are torned into pieces. I never found complete ones. The pace of the city spoils them and spreads them like a puzzle. Sometimes I went around for an entire day searching the area. One piece…

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