Valérie Clo

She lives in the Paris area. She has worked in broadcasting for many years, chiefly as a script editor, and regularly runs writing workshops for a variety of audiences. She has written five novels. Following the intimate Plein soleil (Full Sun), published in 2011, her new novel Les Gosses (The Kids) has just been released by Buchet & Chastel. It’s a humorous portrayal of parent-teenager relationships, from times of crisis to fit of laughter.

The novel

The beauty spot

Valérie Clo Sofitel Rabat Jardin des Roses

You have to start by experiencing what you want to express. Vincent Van Gogh When I told my mother that my editorial office was sending me to Rabat for five days for a conference on the environment, a gleam of joy spread across her face. We smiled at each other. Was it chance? Destiny? A year ago, after my grandfather’s death, my mother asked me to help her clear out his flat. He had lived there alone since my grandmother’s death ten years previously. My grandfather was a taciturn man who said little about himself and his childhood. I knew he was born in Morocco and that he had arrived in France during the Second World War, at the age of 20. He met and married my grandmother, and became wedded to his adopted country at the same time, and never left either France or his wife’s side again. We never knew exactly why he didn’t want to go back to his home country, but we imagined it had something…

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