One upon a time… lhere was a story that began in 2008 and has kept reinventing itself ever since, fuelled by Sofitel’s resolve to pursue the development of the brand Cultural pillar.
At the same time, there was the desire of Sofitel General Managers to invite writers to discover their destination just as they welcome guests throughout the world and inspire these authors to write. Out of this, with the kind involvement of two novelists, Catherine Enjolet and Denis Labayle, came the Literary Escapes. A series of escapes as so many stopovers in the course of long travels, among those that produce the most beautiful stories, the most wonderful encounters and the fondest memories.
From Paris to Algiers, from Amsterdam to Marrakech, from Rome to Warsaw, from London to Essaouira, from Lisbon to Cartagena, from Strasbourg to Budapest, a bond forms between an author, a city and a Sofitel hotel. At each stop, the writers share their experience and feelings, enriching their narrative with the imagery of the location, the events that take place there and the characters that breathe life into it. Because of this unique cultural event combining travelling and literature, guests and authors, Sofitel asserts its will to popularize and pay homage to the many cultures of our world. A strong message that is perfectly in line with Sofitel’s vision of acting as a bridge between the local cultures and the French culture by revealing its literature like an open book.


An obvious encounter and a rich history of cultural creativity

As an ambassador of French elegance around the world, Sofitel is celebrating more than five decades of success and bonds with culture by setting up a series of cultural events focusing on literature and by teaming up with the finest writers in the context of its Literary Escapes.
With the Literary Escapes, Sofitel aims to link travelling, literature and the celebrated art de recevoir.
The concept is to invite writers to discover a Sofitel destination that will feed their inspiration and spawn a short story about their stay.
The authors draw freely on the originality of the halt, the destination, the encounters, the local events.
In their capacity as Sofitel Literary Escapes Travelling Writers, they take part in festivals and events arranged by the hotel (encounters with readers, guests and local celebrities, press conferences, public readings, discussions, debates, etc.).
This innovative, cultural and human initiative helps form a bond between these addresses, but also between their guests who, whatever their background, discover in the process the French and foreign literatures, with the writer acting as a guide, but also have a chance to explore a destination through a Sofitel hotel.
More than sixty writers stayed in Sofitel hotels in the context of the operation, producing short stories that were published as a collection.


Literary Cafés


Since 2008, Sofitel has established an authentic, legitimate bond with the literary world by setting up more than 50 Literary Cafés throughout the world and seducing over 60 writers, among which some of the greatest figures of contemporary literature.