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The magic of Vienna

By Vladimir FEDOROVSKI Sofitel Vienne Stephansdom

In the beginning of the summer of 1928, during the shooting of a film, Marlene came to Vienna. She especially liked sitting in a Viennese café in order to observe people move; study their poses and postures to later copy them for film or theatre. It is the exact place where I myself go, the magical location of Sofitel, a true work of modern art dominating this city of eternal asterpieces.


At the time, Marlene was 28 years old and had decided to take a break from her husband. At home, she felt her spouse roaming the apartment like a phantom. She had also decided to accept the increasingly insistent invitations of her servile knight, the actor Willy Forst, her theatre partner. He had proposed some amusing escapades. Perhaps he wasn’t very deep, quite superficial, but he entertained her.

What would Vienna be without its cafés which I myself have learned to love? Marlene so enjoyed their atmosphere. She could spend the entire day there reading, writing or giving her romantic or professional appointments. Certain regulars even received their mail there. If there was no free table, the custom was to sit at one already occupied, provoking a chance encounter.

Like all travelers, Marlene and Willy had their preferred places.
They even had their favourite benches with a stunning view of the center of Vienna, a view which the hotel offers me at each stay.
The couple particularly loved the white building with a gold-leaf dome and rhapsodized before the transposition of Beethoven’s Ninth symphony by Klimt where “the hostile forces confront Love”.

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